At the 118kj开奖现场 (118kj开奖现场), we are committed to providing high quality academic programs in safe and stimulating learning environments. 

Long Term Accommodation Plan

Review the Long Term Accommodation Plan to learn more about student accommodation needs based on a variety of metrics, including:

  • Enrolment trends
  • Demographic trends
  • Facilities
  • Programming
  • Budgets
  • Infrastructure
  • French Immersion enrolments

Common acronyms

View the common acronyms related to student accommodations:

  • ADE 鈥 Average Daily Enrolments (usually refers to secondary school enrolment)
  • CAPT 鈥 Capital Analysis and Planning Template
  • CPPG 鈥 Community Planning and Partnership Guide
  • ESL 鈥 English as a Second Language
  • EQAO 鈥 Education Quality and Accountability Office (provincial standardized testing)
  • FAQ 鈥 Frequently Asked Questions
  • FCI 鈥 Facility Condition Index (dollar value of repair work needed in each school)
  • FI 鈥 French Immersion
  • FDK 鈥 Full Day Kindergarten
  • FTE 鈥 Full Time Equivalent
  • GAINS 鈥 Giving Attention to Individual Needs
  • HVAC 鈥 Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • IPRC 鈥 Identification, Placement and Review Committee
  • J/I 鈥 Junior/Intermediate (Grades 4 to 8)
  • JK 鈥 Junior Kindergarten
  • I/S 鈥 Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7 to 12)
  • LDCC 鈥 Locally Developed Compulsory Courses
  • LST 鈥 Learning Support Teacher
  • LTAP 鈥 Long Term Accommodation Plan
  • MAPS 鈥 My Achievement Pathway to Success
  • OEY 鈥 Ontario Early Years
  • OTG 鈥 On the Ground (number of students that can be accommodated in a school based on the Ministry of Education Guidelines)
  • OYAP 鈥 Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • PARC 鈥 Program and Accommodation Review Committee
  • PASS 鈥 Public Alternative Secondary School
  • PCS 鈥 Primary Class Size
  • P/J 鈥 Primary/Junior (JK to Grade 3)
  • Portable 鈥 Standalone portable classroom (temporary space)
  • Portapak 鈥 Cluster of portables connected by a common corridor (temporary space)
  • PTR 鈥 Prohibitive to Repair
  • RISE 鈥 Reaching Individual Success and Excellence
  • SAL 鈥 Supervised Adult Learning
  • SCC 鈥 School Consolidated Capital
  • SCI 鈥 School Condition Improvement
  • SERT 鈥 Special Education Resource Teacher
  • SFIS 鈥 School Facilities Inventory System
  • SHSM 鈥 Specialist High Skills Major
  • SK 鈥 Senior Kindergarten
  • STEPS 鈥 Skills to Enhance Personal Success
  • TCPS 鈥 Total Capital Planning Solution